Computer-Aided Interpretation, LLC was initially created by Gloria R. Taillon-Thibodeaux to provide CART accommodations for the university students who were deaf or hard of hearing in the state of Louisiana.  The company has expanded over the years to provide a variety of services that meet the communication needs of both individuals and businesses/agencies/organizations.

Our Services

Computer Aided Interpretation provides the services of Computer Access Real-time Translation, Remote CART, Transcription Services, On-Line Television Captioning and Off-Line Television Captioning. We are a privately owned company that translates the spoken word to a computer screen within seconds of being stated.

Our Team

Employees of Computer Aided Interpretation are called captionists.  All captionists have obtained education and training through a court reporting institution in order to master his/her skills.  All of our captionists are tested and certified to type a minimum of 225 wpm on a steno machine.